Tuesday, December 4, 2007

from Camilla...

Well, obviously my web-site issues are not yet sorted out, so here is some news:
December 6--last concert of season, in a series in Pforzheim (a city in southern Germany known for centuries for their production of fine jewelry). under the title of "fantasies and journeys", I'll be alternating Telemann Fantasias with modern music for flute and CD/live electronic (this part handled by composer and sound-projectionist Bryan Wolf) by some of my favorite composers: Anne LeBaron, Pèter Köszeghy, Bryan Wolf and Kaija Saariaho. I've had a special request from the producers to end with Debussy's Syrinx--gladly!

For more information, also about the program, check out this web address:

The first concert of 2008 will be another appearance at the festival "Music in the Houses of the City". This time I'll be cooking up something with the dancer/choreographer Rick Kam. The word "house" is used more to describe the ambience of the concerts rather than the venues. We, for example, will be performing in the not-yet-completed new space being built for Microsoft near the Rhine river. (January 20, 2 p.m.).

All for now--Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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here said...

merry christmas,

but where are your concerts for 2008?

would like to find them...

Kind greetings from Monaco,

Roland Lietzenmayer