Thursday, August 30, 2007

Getting started....

Dear Family and Friends, and interested-readers-who-happened-to-stumble-upon-this-page,

In response to your impatience with my non-updated web-site (I'm working on it but the situation is somehow too complex to explain), I decided to open this "blog" (a very unsatisfactory word, in my opinion) in the hope I will be able to post updates "all by myself". (=no excuses...?)

My mother would like you to know that besides what's listed on my official site, I've also (for example) had the privilege of performing in the Kremlin this year, playing Arvydas Malcys' Vox Clamantis concerto with the Kremlin Chamber Orchestra (Micha Rachlevsky conducting)--right in the middle of the treasures of the czars. Was really a pretty amazing experience....

I should also mention another highlight, the Oistrakh Festival in Estonia, where I again played with musicians from the former Soviet Union. The musicians of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic and Chamber Orchestras were especially fantastic and we loved playing the Kuldar Sink flute concerto under the direction of conductor Alexander Mayer as well as the Borne Carmen Fantasie with Erki Pehk. And not to forget playing Quasi Niente for flute and percussion by Galina Grigoryeva with Madis Metsamart (Estonia) and the Mozart D-major with the Collegium String Quartet (Ukraine)....Wonderful!

The details of other past activities may eventually make it to the archives of the web site. Meanwhile, this "posting" is to let you know of more recent happenings. I just played two concerts in Munster: one improvising with guitarrist Erhard Hirt and one playing music by Anne LeBaron, Pèter Koeszeghy, Takahiko Suzuki and Zack Browning for flute and CD (electronic music).

Except for playing for some upcoming weddings of friends in France, I thought I'd now take a break and organize some new programs. But no--I was just called to sub for the solo flutist in the Southwest German Radio Symphony Orchestra for a couple of concerts. I'm quite excited about this since a.) I don't get to play IN orchestras very often, b.) the programs are all modern music, and c.) one concert is in Warsaw (where I've never been) (on September 23) and the other is in Donaueschingen (Germany) (on October 19)--where I first subbed for their then-solo-flutist back in 1983 (!!). Oh--and d.) the rehearsals are in Freiburg, one of Germany's most lovely cities.