Thursday, January 6, 2011

Masterclasses Summer 2011

Watch for details about two courses:

July 2-10 in Savonlinna, Finland

A summer camp on the lake for flutists of all ages and levels, with opportunities for chamber music with strings and piano, and flute ensemble sessions together with the class of my flutist colleague Ilari Lehtinen.

July 17-21 in Montepulciano, Italy

A masterclass for flutists age 16 and above in a charming town in the Toscana...
exploring performance practices from the 17th c. to the present....preparing for final concert...

Master class Helsinki

At long last--a note on our November master class in Espoo (Helsinki). Organized by the Finnish Flute Association (special thanks to flutist/president Asa Gustavson, as well as flutist/photographer Heli Talvitie!!), this weekend included everything from visits to the "Animal Farm" (see the "cute puppies" practicing their panting!!) to premieres of four (4!) new solo flute pieces, written especially for this occasion.
Highly recommended:
Vellu Halkosalmi: Choro
Lauri Toivio: Marching Piper
Jukka-Pekka Lehto: Gedichte für Flöte

And the fourth one, for which I don't have the exact name & title with me...later.....

All the composers were present, lots of the flute teachers as well, and the students played WONDERFULLY!!!

Am already looking forward to my next Finland visits!!