Sunday, May 31, 2009

Concert and Master Class schedule

Upcoming activities in chronological order:

June 3 - arrive in Japan
June 5 - Nagoya Chikusa Playhouse, concert (flyer below)
June 12 - DEADLINE for registering for TWS Master Class!
June 13 - Kyoto Arts Complex, concert (flyer below)
June 15 - Toyko Ariake Junior College of Education and the Arts, lecture/concert
June 16 - Tokyo Waseda University, concert
June 18 - Tokyo US Embassy, concert
June 20 - Tokyo Wonder Site, Aoyama, Open Atelier
June 21 - Tokyo Wonder Site, Aoyama, Master Class
June 25 - leave Japan

July 3 - Hamburg (Germany), Musikhochschule, Master Class Saariaho
July 20-24 - Bad Homburg (Germany), Altana Summer Workshop
July 25-30 - Tallin (Estonia), recording with Tallin Chamber Orchestra

August 9-14 - Auvergne (France) Chateau Chazelles, Master Class: Cancelled!

Kyoto concert June 13

This interesting program is organized by the composer Noriko Nakamura and the group Clumusica. I will be playing in three pieces:

Yoshihiko Shimizu:Tritoly(premiere) Camilla Hoitenga(Fl),Nobutaka Shimizu(Fl),Sei-ichiro Edo(Fl)
Noriko Nakamura:Bright Moon Music Ⅰ(premiere) Camilla Hoitenga(A-Fl, Miyako Oe (17&13Koto)
Mayu Masuda:Problematica(premiere) Camilla Hoitenga(Fl),Eri Nakai(Cl),Sumire Kisu(Vn),Kimitoshi Nakamura(Vla),Masanori Onishi(Vc),Moe Matsui(Pf)