Monday, December 14, 2009

Concert in Marseille

Dans le cadre du Festival Nuit d'Hiver #7 organisé par le GRIM
Time:8:30PM Wednesday, December 16th

Aimons !

« Notre collaboration est née d’un goût et d’un engagement communs pour la musique de Kaija Saariaho qui, en faisant appel à chacune de nous, provoqua il y a quelques temps notre rencontre. Complicité, énergie, ludisme, poésie, travail sur la texture qu’offrent flûte et voix enlacées sont les atouts que nous souhaitons développer aussi bien dans le répertoire existant que dans des créations.
Aimons ! est une légère immersion dans certaines manifestations d’exaltation amoureuse, qu’elle soit humaine ou sublimée».

The Program:
Kaija Saariaho - Changing Light
Patrick Burgan - Jeux de Femmes
Yu Kuwabara - Ohyarai Variations*
Pierre-Adrien Charpy - Matar, no te mataria.**
William Brooks - Sweet **
* European premiere
** World Premiere

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hello from Japan

Back in Japan, this time on a grant from the US government to tour as their guest soloist for the "Winter Holiday Concert Series". The title may be Politically Correct, but in addition to a "seasonal mix" of my current Classical and Contemporary favorites, they have requested some popular Christmas songs. For this I am creating a shakuhachi version of Jingle Bells, Silent Night for flute and voice, and, more seriously, O Come Emmanuel for alto flute solo.

I'm beginning with a visit to composer-friends in Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo before embarking on the whirlwind tour of American centers from Osaka to Fukuoka and Kumamoto to Naha, then back to Tokyo and Nagoya. Of course every minute is full of interesting and "reportable" events or observations (even if this is about my 17th extended stay in this one of my favorite countries), but (as usual) a lot will have to be left to your imagination(s).

Most important - the program repertoire:

Classic: Kuhlau Caprice Nr. 10, Telemann Fantasies G-major, b-minor, E-major
Japanese: Takemitsu Itinerant, Harue Kondoh The Moon of Shighira, Yu Kuwabara Ohyarai Variations (WORLD PREMIERE)
American: Shirish Korde Tenderness of Cranes,
Mike Svoboda Music for Piccolo (from Something Bigger), Harold Meltzer Trapset for alto flute
"Christmas presents": some Stockhausen and Saariaho, plus some Nutcracker Suite and Christmas Carols (see above).

Am looking forward to presenting this music to various listeners in various venues....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Concert in Hannover

October 24 Hannover, Eisfabrik, 8 pm
Music for solo flute by Eduardo Flores Abad, for flute and electronics by Mesias Maiguashca

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hello from home...

Dear Friends,
Thanks for checking in, and I'm sorry I am not a real "blogger". Someday...(?) At some point I could report on the amazing concerts and students in Japan, on the Kaija Saariaho weekend in Hamburg, and then on the quick trip to London to see the new staging of her opera L'amour de loin at the Coliseum. Meanwhile, here are some recent photos: taken in Hamburg, in the British Museum, and in the Tate Britain!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Concert and Master Class schedule

Upcoming activities in chronological order:

June 3 - arrive in Japan
June 5 - Nagoya Chikusa Playhouse, concert (flyer below)
June 12 - DEADLINE for registering for TWS Master Class!
June 13 - Kyoto Arts Complex, concert (flyer below)
June 15 - Toyko Ariake Junior College of Education and the Arts, lecture/concert
June 16 - Tokyo Waseda University, concert
June 18 - Tokyo US Embassy, concert
June 20 - Tokyo Wonder Site, Aoyama, Open Atelier
June 21 - Tokyo Wonder Site, Aoyama, Master Class
June 25 - leave Japan

July 3 - Hamburg (Germany), Musikhochschule, Master Class Saariaho
July 20-24 - Bad Homburg (Germany), Altana Summer Workshop
July 25-30 - Tallin (Estonia), recording with Tallin Chamber Orchestra

August 9-14 - Auvergne (France) Chateau Chazelles, Master Class: Cancelled!

Kyoto concert June 13

This interesting program is organized by the composer Noriko Nakamura and the group Clumusica. I will be playing in three pieces:

Yoshihiko Shimizu:Tritoly(premiere) Camilla Hoitenga(Fl),Nobutaka Shimizu(Fl),Sei-ichiro Edo(Fl)
Noriko Nakamura:Bright Moon Music Ⅰ(premiere) Camilla Hoitenga(A-Fl, Miyako Oe (17&13Koto)
Mayu Masuda:Problematica(premiere) Camilla Hoitenga(Fl),Eri Nakai(Cl),Sumire Kisu(Vn),Kimitoshi Nakamura(Vla),Masanori Onishi(Vc),Moe Matsui(Pf)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Concert in Nagoya, June 5, 2009

Concert featuring new music by Miyuki Ito and Kumiko Okura:

Stockhausen: Zungenspitzentanz for piccolo (1983)
Kaija Saariaho: Changing Light (2002) for flute and soprano
Aribert Reimann: Parerga zu "Melusine" for soprano Solo
Miyuki Ito: The Sands of Time for bass flute (2003) (video
version) (video: Matthew Kleinrock)
Miyuki Ito: New Work (2009) for flute and soprano with
live electronics & video (video: Jun Kurumisawa, technical
support: Keio University, Waseda University)
Kumiko Omura: New Work (2009) for flute and soprano
Yuichi Matsumoto: Abraham Variations (2009) for soprano
and computers

Camilla Hoitenga, flute
Eiko Morikawa, soprano

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Helsinki: Two-day flute masterclass at the Sibelius Academy, for students of the academy as well as of the East Helsinki conservatory. Incredible flute-playing in this city!!!
Helsinki: "Parallel-Music" (my own music) for opening of Raija Malka's art exhibit at the AMA Gallery
Düsseldorf: Three days of judging "Jugend Musiziert" (the German version of Solo-and-Ensemble Festival). Great colleagues, some great young talent!


Bergisch Gladbach: Private concert at Schloss Bensberg with guitarrist Michael Quabeck
Marseilles: rehearsals of new and old(er) duets with soprano Raphaële Kennedy
Marseilles: new project with guitarrist Jean-Marc Montera
Montpellier: concert with harpist Héloïse Dautry, Orjan Sandred's Whirl of Leaves

Cologne: Altana school projects in the Internationale Friedensschule
Dresden: Dresdner Festspiele, concert with pianist Andy Rosso and cellist Felix Fan, Music by Aaron Jay Kernis and George Crumb

Japan: Tour details T.B.A.

Hamburg: Masterclass at the Hochschule on July 3
Tallin:CD recording of Marti Siimer's Flyer Saucer concerto for two flutes, with flutist Monika Mattiesen and the Tallin Chamber Orchestra


The year is f l y i n g by! Helsinki was wonderful--great students in a couple of days of masterclasses at the Sibelius Academy, stimulating discussions with composers, conductors, astronomers, artists, teachers, etc. and a nice improv concert in the presence of Raija Malka's paintings. There's a report on Raija's and my work in this month's Rondo magazine--it's in Finnish of course, but I trust its accuracy, since it was written by a very sensitive flutist-turned-journalist, Eva Tigerstedt.

Monday, January 5, 2009

HAPPY 2009!!

Without having made any resolutions toward improving my "web presence" this year, I will at least begin with announcing the next musical activities:

Ultraschall Festival in Berlin

31 January 2009 -- 19:00 Sophiensaal
Concert with Hèloïse Dautry, harp
Music by Ton That Tîet, Pèter Koeszeghy, Kaija Saariaho, and Orjan Sandred

The piece by Sandred (a world premiere) is called "Whirl of Leaves" and is the most virtuosic work that we have tackled for a long time: whirls of notes, weeks and weeks of rehearsal....stay tuned!

1 February 2009 -- Haus des Rundfunks Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin
Wolfgang Lischke, conductor

Although this will be about my 17th performance of Saariaho's Aile du songe, it will my first with this conductor and orchestra. Also on the program are works by Saed Haddad, Malika Kishino & Fabian Panisell.

Preview: After the festival I'll begin preparing my own pieces, inspired by the ideas, procedures and paintings of the Finnish artist Raija Malka, all to be presented at her art opening:

7 March 2009 -- Helsinki