Monday, May 16, 2011

March, April, May....

The March concert has come and gone, as have the ones in April and May, and I'm seriously behind in posting. On the other hand, I have been investing some energy in creating a new website, which may eventually make this blog unnecessary (!).

Meanwhile, others have been posting for me, as it were. For example my great colleagues in Copenhagen. For some photo-documentation of our concerts there, please check the site of Athelas Sinfonietta.

And for those of you who read French, here's a review of the concert in Caen.

In between I wrote about the music of Kaija Saariaho (to be available soon), arranged some little pieces for an upcoming recital of my students, and participated in a very tough jury for the flute exams of a private school in Paris.

Now I'm enjoying my "home again" status, catching up on teaching, preparing for upcoming concerts, planning cool projects for my summer masterclasses (!) and attending some concerts myself. Just got to hear Boulez conducting the opening concert of the "Acht Brücken" Festival in Cologne, for example. Amazingly shimmering sounds he drew out of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra in Ravel,Schönberg and Stravinsky, and I especially enjoyed the inspired and inspiring playing from flutist Chiara Tonelli.