Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer news....

Time for a little update.
Of the months that I've missed, there's too much to report: the last concerts and celebrations in Clermont Ferrand, for example, really deserve their own chapter, complete with illustrations by the brilliant photographer Jean-Louis Fernandez! Maybe someday. Meanwhile, I want to jump right in to NOW.

Last night my students played a great recital. (Another future blog could be to report on this wonderful class at the Rochus Music School....) I forgot to mention to them that June 30 was the date I came to Germany--exactly 30 years ago!! Amazing--three decades based in Europe already!(Not to mention the rest of the world--or the other decades experienced, for that matter ;)!)

Tomorrow I pick up my 32-year-old (!) flute (Jack Moore #42) which has been newly overhauled by Christoph Siewers. Had been thinking of getting a new, "fresh" flute, but I'm so attached to MY flute, with the still-unique innovations Jack put on for me.

In two days I fly to Savonlinna, Finland to teach at a summer camp there. It's a lovely place, with great colleagues teaching and playing, a campus on the lake, and a town geared up for the opera festival, with the operas being performed in the courtyard of the old castle. Inspiring!

After that I'm back in Germany to play music by Kaija Saariaho at the Rheingau Festival in Germany: Cendres for flute, cello, piano with Anssi Karttunen and David Lively on the 22nd, the concerto Aile du songe with the Southwest German Radio Orchestra conducted by Susanna Mälkki.

More later--I promise!