Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hello from Japan

Back in Japan, this time on a grant from the US government to tour as their guest soloist for the "Winter Holiday Concert Series". The title may be Politically Correct, but in addition to a "seasonal mix" of my current Classical and Contemporary favorites, they have requested some popular Christmas songs. For this I am creating a shakuhachi version of Jingle Bells, Silent Night for flute and voice, and, more seriously, O Come Emmanuel for alto flute solo.

I'm beginning with a visit to composer-friends in Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo before embarking on the whirlwind tour of American centers from Osaka to Fukuoka and Kumamoto to Naha, then back to Tokyo and Nagoya. Of course every minute is full of interesting and "reportable" events or observations (even if this is about my 17th extended stay in this one of my favorite countries), but (as usual) a lot will have to be left to your imagination(s).

Most important - the program repertoire:

Classic: Kuhlau Caprice Nr. 10, Telemann Fantasies G-major, b-minor, E-major
Japanese: Takemitsu Itinerant, Harue Kondoh The Moon of Shighira, Yu Kuwabara Ohyarai Variations (WORLD PREMIERE)
American: Shirish Korde Tenderness of Cranes,
Mike Svoboda Music for Piccolo (from Something Bigger), Harold Meltzer Trapset for alto flute
"Christmas presents": some Stockhausen and Saariaho, plus some Nutcracker Suite and Christmas Carols (see above).

Am looking forward to presenting this music to various listeners in various venues....